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Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review

Rated: 7 out of 10
by CelluliteProducts.org

A lot of people are clamoring to lose weight, and anyone who's been engaged in the battle for a slimmer waistline is certainly familiar with the frustration that can ensue. When the pounds just aren't melting away fast enough, you may get desperate for a quick fix, but fad diets and miracle pills will not work. Getting fitter requires a great deal of patience, but if you're willing to put in the work, you'll most certainly reap the benefits, both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Fat Girl Slim is a product that is designed to work in conjunction with healthy, active lifestyle habits. It doesn't promise to burn your fat away or sculpt a chiseled physique, but it does claim to promote the longevity of your skin by creating a smoother, softer appearance.

Cellulite can make itself known on even the most fit women, and as such, can be a harsh hindrance to one's self-confidence, especially when we are bombarded with airbrushed models in the media who have been edited in photographs that erase cellulite artificially. Bliss's Fat Girl Slim is a product which hopes to diminish the appearance of cellulite by using natural ingredients and a direct approach to targeting the problem areas in your skin.

Fat Girl Slim Ingredients

The core active ingredient in Fat Girl Slim is caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is often used as an effective metabolism enhancer. In this case, it is used in concentrated amounts which are in direct contact with the skin. The caffeine helps dilate blood vessels, which in turn will tighten the skin, making it appear smoother.

Other ingredients include plant and fruit extracts such as lavandula angustifolia and rubus villosus, which are lavender and blueberry respectively.

Best cellulite creamDoes Fat Girl Slim Really Work?

This product boasts of a high caffeine content that is formulated with encapsulated caffeine. This is the driving ingredient, and while it may indeed offer a toning effect on the skin, it's not likely to last long term. The Fat Girl Slim formula is not as comprehensive as other options. There simply aren't as many active ingredients in Fat Girl Slim as in other top cellulite creams like Cellulite MD, which seeks to repair and rejuvenate the overall health of skin beyond the surface appearance.

For the best results, it is recommended to apply the product twice a day, taking time to massage the cream into your skin. While Fat Girl Slim does not feature any harmful parabens or noxious chemicals, it is important to be wary of potential allergic reactions. Every body is different, so if you experience any discomfort or skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.

Where to Buy

Fat Girl Slim is created by the Bliss brand, which features shops and spas located across the globe. You can find Fat Girl Slim at such locations, as well as the Blissworld.com website. The cream can also be purchased from cosmetic retailers like Sephora and Ulta. You can buy the product in-store or have it shipped to your door by ordering online.

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