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Cellulite Products Tips from the Experts

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite can't be banished through diet and exercise alone. In addition, cellulite is different from other kinds of body fat, and it affects 90 percent of adult women, no matter what their age or weight. With so many women fighting this condition, it's not hard to believe that there are now hundreds of cellulite products available, and they all claim to be the most effective solution to eliminate the telltale ripples and bumps that are the hallmark of cellulite.

Not all cellulite reducing products produce the expected results, though. Many are no more than simple skin creams, providing moisture and often a pleasant fragrance, but doing nothing to tackle the cellulite problem that exists below the skin's surface.

Which Cellulite Products Really Work?

Fortunately, some of the top minds in medical science have turned their attention to the issue of cellulite, and the result is a number of rigorously-tested cellulite products that produce actual, measurable results. It turns out that scientists have isolated several specific ingredients that turn on the body's fat-burning mechanisms to specifically target the pockets of cellulite that exist under the skin, predominately on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. When cellulite creams containing these powerful ingredients come in contact with the body's skin, the results are astonishing.

The top-rated cellulite creams tap into the power of bupleurum falcatum extract, glaucine, and coenzyme-A to break up the fatty deposits that result in cellulite, and better still, prevent new fat cells from forming. Other ingredients, including bladderwrack extract and L-carnitine, help to remove excess fluid that is trapped in the skin's deep tissues so that the size of the affected areas is measurably reduced.

Another important set of ingredients found in the most effective cellulite products tackles the health of the skin; the areas affected by cellulite usually feature skin that is rough and unhealthy. Ingredients such as retinyl palmitate and tocopheryl acetate improve the blood flow to affected areas and reduce the damage caused by free radicals; the result is smoother, thicker, healthier-looking skin.

Best cellulite creamDo Cellulite Products Work With Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are another common problem that are often found in the same areas where cellulite appears -- the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. While some of the ingredients found in the leading cellulite creams will help somewhat with reducing the appearance of stretch marks, the reality is that stretch marks respond best to another set of ingredients which can be found in the top-performing stretch mark products.

For the best results in eliminating the all-too-common appearance of stretch marks, choose a stretch mark cream that has contains ingredients that have been tested for their effectiveness and product safety. The website stretchmarkcream.org has reliable information regarding the top-rated stretch mark products.

Best Cellulite Products

While you can choose to undertake your own research project to search for and compare the wide variety of cellulite cream products available on the market, we've already done the legwork for you. Visit CelluliteProducts.org for complete information regarding the top-rated cellulite creams, including ingredient lists and product reviews.